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SEC Filings

ADVANCED ACCELERATOR APPLICATIONS S.A. filed this Form 6-K on 05/30/2017
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Decides that in case of issuance these shares shall be subject to all legal provisions applicable to ordinary shares and shall be granted the same rights as existing shares from the date on which the capital increase is performed.


Sets at eighteen (18) months, from the date of this Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting, the duration of this delegation.


Grants all powers to the Board of Directors for the purposes of implementing this delegation and in particular:


to fix the list of beneficiaries of the warrant within the category of persons defined above, the number of warrants to allocate to each of them and the corresponding number of shares to which such warrants shall give entitlement, the issue price of warrants and the subscription price of the shares to which the warrants give entitlement in the conditions provided above, the conditions and time limits of subscription and exercise of warrants, their adjustment procedures and, more generally, all the terms and conditions of their issuance and their exercise;


to fix the adjustments necessary to preserve the rights of the holders of securities given access to the Company’s share capital, in compliance with applicable contracts (if any);


to record the completion of the capital increase resulting from the exercise of warrants;


at its sole initiative, to allocate the costs of capital increases on the resulting capital reserves and to deduct from this amount what is necessary to bring the legal reserve to one tenth of the new capital after every increase;


to inform the beneficiaries of warrants, to collect subscriptions and the payments for the newly issued shares when the warrants are exercised, to record the corresponding capital increases and, generally, to take all appropriate measures, and to carry out any amendments of the articles of Association and all other required formalities;


Acknowledge that, as from this date, this delegation of authority deprives of any effect any previous delegation with the same purpose;


Recalls, that in accordance with articles L. 225-129-5 and R. 225-116 of the French Commercial Code, the Board of Directors shall establish, within a period of fifteen (15) days following every use of this delegation of authority, a supplementary report certified by the statutory auditors, describing the final conditions of the operation. This report will then be made available at the next general shareholder meeting.


2nd resolution (Authorization to conclude all required administrative formalities)


The General Meeting, acting in accordance with the quorum and majority requirements for Extraordinary General Meetings decides to give all powers to any person bearer of a copy of the present, or an abstract to carry out all formalities legally necessary to have the above resolutions correctly registered.


The Board of Directors recommends adoption of all resolutions proposed to the extraordinary shareholder meeting.



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